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Hero's Arrow Alpha Tests

Around one month ago we, having a very (VERY) early game prototype of Hero's Arrow, decided that there is no time for unhealthy perfectionism and that we HAVE to get that feedback. To not do anything too huge, the original idea was to ask few friends their opinion. You know, like 5 of them. Somehow we ended up having more than 20 answers and a lot of feedback within those answers (HUGE thanks everyone!). It was amazing to see people loving the game, even in this early stage of it (which at least for me was something unexpected). We could also nod and agree to the criticism and to admire the suggestions on how the game could be better. Interestingly our gut feeling was quite often going in the same way as the thought of the player. We could learn a lot, for example, that a multiplayer games for house parties is seemingly more "a thing" than we thought. Feedback also helped to understand how the player experiences the game and what knowledge he/she is currently missing while trying the game out. That more or less sums it all up. We are leaning towards the lean game design as our methodology of development and right now preparing the next version of the game. Thank you for reading this and following our progress! Hero's Arrow is a PC game being developed by Luksis Games and features cute animals dueling against each other with bows and arrows through multiple levels.

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