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GameHack 2020 and SuperWipe

A few weeks ago Luksis Games participated in GameHack, a hackathon dedicated to video game development. It had two categories, one for new games and one for already started projects. Since we had recently started a small project we participated in the second category. Our game, “SuperWipe” ended up in the second place and we got a special award from Google Cloud. In this short article we want to share our journey and experience in this hackathon.

Let’s start with the fact that we almost didn’t go to it. We changed our minds for a few times and until the GameHack organizers finally convinced us, we really planned to cancel this adventure as we didn’t feel prepared enough for our first hackathon. In the end we drove 3 hours to Ventspils city with basics necessities, arrived a few hours late and after mingling around and working on the game a bit, we decided that sleep is the best tool for productivity and went to sleep.

Next day we established a management system so everyone could “worry about his crap, so others can worry about their crap”. It worked like charm.

A lot of helpful business tips came from the mentors. Some of their opinions conflicted. It is important to stick to the team’s core values when making business decisions. Anyhow, mentors were helpful and truly inspiring. You can read somewhere a tip on a topic, but if you hear it from a person which has done it and to whom it has worked it, the words make a totally different impact on you.

Soon new features, levels and beautiful graphics started to pop out like people will pop out of their houses after this global quarantine ends. To put it in other words, the experienced productivity gave us a great momentum and by the evening we almost had done 80% of the planned tasks (which of course was bad but also totally expectable). The tiredness from working all day took the best out of us as our dull minds decided to work until 2 or 3 o’clock. Not a great plan.

On Sunday some of us got up earlier while others got more time to rest and to get their strength back. Last bits of presentation were added 3 minutes before the final presentation. Could be worse though.

Now let’s take a step back and talk about the game. We put our pitch out more or less like this.

“Don’t you hate those days? Office. 10 minutes before the meeting. Toilet. You, fighting the big-brown-bear and... You’re out of paper. And then ALL that jumping around the office, hiding from your colleagues, while trying to not fall over your pants, URGH! Typical Mondays, right? Well, this game represents this beautiful aspect of everyone's casual, totally normal day.”

Here’s the video we showed in our presentation:

What we did know was that we didn’t go there to focus on selling the idea. What we did not know was that we would win the second place and a prize from Google Cloud. We are truly thankful for this and hope to move the game forward.

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